Where can I live?

Analytical essay
Frank Tse
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Where can I live?

I have been wanted to move out from my parents’ apartment for months. It seems reasonable, but moving out is not an easy task for young adults in Hong Kong. Since the house prices in Hong Kong are so high that young adults cannot even afford the rent. The average property price in Hong Kong is insanely high, which is the third highest among the world. How high is that exactly? It costs $10k to rent an average 400 square ft. flat in town. While the average salary of a fresh university graduate is only $15k. It simply implies that it is almost impossible for a young adult to afford the house rent alone.

The reason for me to move out of my parents’ is that my parents’ apartment is too small for my whole family. It brings along with lots of problems. I have two younger brothers and a sister. My brothers are highly energetic all the time. They love to scream and yell. It was no big deal. But it is a big trouble to me now since I need to study a lot due to the heavy university work. I could not concentrate on my work when I was listening to them fighting over the TV channels or something else that they were arguing about. Also, due to the high house prices, my parents could only afford the house in New Territories, which is cheaper. Yet, it is very far away from my university and where I work. It takes one and a half hour to get to the university. It wastes me a lot of time. Sadly, I cannot read on the bus to make us of the time because I might get dizzy easily.

Due to all these problems that I have, I need to get my own place as soon as possible. However, I cannot. First of all, the rent of the houses in town where my university located are very expensive, I need to find one or two more flat mates to share the rent. It sounds simple but finding a suitable flatmate is a very difficult job in Hong Kong actually. People in Hong Kong are not used to live with strangers or non-family member. I had posted a flatmate wanted thread online but I did not get any feedback in weeks. So I cannot move. Maybe I can live in the suburban house in New Territories which the house prices and rent is lower. Although it can provide a place me to concentrate on my study, it just contradicted with another reason that I want to move out. I want to move because I want to live near my school and where I work.

Besides, even if I can find a small flat near my school, it will still cost me a huge part of my salary. I will need to work an extra long hour to get the money which I will have no time to participate in social, cultural and civic activities. Most of the young adults in Hong Kong are also facing similar problem. The need to work six days a week and over 10 hours everyday in order to get the money. They have to devote their whole life to work in order to pay the house, which is really sad. I do not want to be one of them. Thus, finding a small and cheaper flat is still not a workable solution for me.

The housing problem is not only affecting me but also our society. The high prices built up a great wealthy inequality among our society. Since the houses prices have been increasing continuously, the people who already own houses became richer. And it is also harder for those who do not own a house to buy a house. The wealthy inequality brings along with a lots of bad effects. Some research has shown that the wealthy gap lower the social cohesion. Also, citizen in Hong Kong lose their trust in the government since the government has failed to control this high houses price situation in Hong Kong for a long time. This is very terrible to our society.

To conclude, the high property prices situation in Hong Kong has affected our society in different levels. It affects the relationships between different groups of people in our society. I cannot move out of my parents’ house until I get decent salary to pay the rent. It is not likely too happen until graduate from university and find a full time job. Where can I live?

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