why i write

Why I write
By Frank Tse (2033)

I first started writing when I was 20. I was studying physics in university. Since I studied science, I never thought I would write. At least not write for a living. There was once that I was doing my experiment. I finished quite early so I started to write my laboratory report during the lesson. I got bored so I wrote a short story in the discussion section randomly and shared it to my classmates. “The flammable liquid flowed through the pipe around the university and set the whole place on fire…..” The story was about two boys saved the students who were trapped in the basement by the fire. I was supposed to remove the story, yet I handed it in two weeks later and I totally forgot about the discussion part. The report was graded “F” but there was an encouraging note attached to it. “Quite a story. Very exciting. Why don’t you study literature and write.” I did not know if my professor was being sarcastic, but that was the first time someone gave me a positive feedback about my story. Before I was famous, my friends used to tell me that my stories were stupid and crazy.

There are three reasons that why I write. Getting appreciation is the first one. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Unlike the laboratory reports, stories are unique and different. That encouragement from my professor was quite important to me. It motivated me to write because it remained what I was really good at. Writing was what I supposed to do, I needed to work harder on it. After that, I started posting ghost stories and science fictions online. I got lots of encouraging and kind comments from the Internet. The appreciations that I had gotten were my motivation to keep writing.

The second one is that it can help expressing my feelings. When I was 30, I was facing a serious financial crisis. I was almost broke since all of my money was lost in the stock market due to the economic depression in 2022. No one really understood my feeling. So I wrote the science fiction, The lost astronaut, which the main character was also suffering from depression like me. The story was reflecting my life at the time. I felt much better after I finished that book. It was like I had shared my problem with someone who was also encountering it. I can bring all my emotions and feelings into the stories. That is why I enjoy writing so much.

I want to inspire others through my writing. This is my third reason. It is much easier to give inspiration to others through a great story than tell people about what they should do directly. For instance, Animal farm by George Orwell was a classic story which he had expressed his political view in it. The animal in the farm was representing the government and countries in the real would. It turned a complicated world situation into a story. It gave better impression to people.

Writing is a very effective way to influence people. I wrote many stories with the damaged planet earth as the story background in the recent years. It is because I wanted to inspire people to care about the planet as the global warming is getting more and more serious now. I learnt from Mr. Orwell. I wanted to get people’s attention on the world issue through the stories. I was writing mostly for the first and the second reason in my early writhing life, but I had changed. I want to influence people. This is my goal for writing now. This is why I write.

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