My lovely mother

Little Mrs. Tse

Mrs. Tse is my mother, and yet she is like my little sister. She is a very special woman. Although she is my mother, I usually look after her. My father is not around us most of the time since he works in the mainland. Thus, she asks me for help whenever she has literally any problem. She is also not very good at housework, so I am usually the one who do the most of the housework. I take care of her as if I am her bigger brother. She is not an ordinary mother.

Mrs. Tse is 42 but she looks young. She is around 5’’2, short woman with brown curly hair. She has a young voice and she talks like a teenager. “Awesome” is her favorite word. It is not normal at all for a mother. Although she is not good at housework, she loves to “try” it. It is a nightmare to me. I do enjoy cooking with her, it is fun but it is just sad that I would be the only one who cleans up the mess after the meal. She is a fun mother, she jokes a lot. She just does not know when would be the right time to joke. I remember that one time my father’s company had an emergency condition so he could not make it to grandma’s birthday dinner. My mother told everybody that my father was in jail because he had confessed some business crime. It was supposed to be hilarious, but she said it with a serious tone. Everybody believed her and that whole thing ended up quite messy. This is Mrs. Tse.

Mrs. Tse often forget to bring her keys and I need to go home to open the door for her no matter what I am doing. She sounds like an irresponsible woman, but she is not. She just has a poor memory. Instead, she is very responsible. She will apologize sincerely when she found out she had done something wrong. It is very rare for an Asian mother. Since Asian families believe that they have to build up an image that they are the seniors in the family. They have the absolute power. They would not apologize easily even they did something wrong. Not like Mrs. Tse. Furthermore, she is a principled woman. She will never do anything that she thinks it is not right.

She used to tell me that teenagers should not be drinking alcohol. When I was 15, I drank some alcohol for the first time in my friend’s birthday party and I was drunk when I went home. The last thing I remember from that incident was not the hangover, it was how hard I had beaten by her. Thanks to that, I am not a fan of alcohol now. This is Mrs. Tse. She always knows what is the right thing to do when she is serious about something.

Although Mrs. Tse is like my little sister and I always need to look after her, she is the greatest mother in the world to me. She may not be good at housework, but she always knows how to be a good person. What she taught me is how to be a good person, what is justice and dreams. She told me to chase my dream and supported me. By taking care of her, I have learnt how to be independent. I am really thankful for that. I am so glad to have such a fun, strange and special mother.

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